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This is an unlisted portfolio by Sky Kawano.

My name is Sky Kawano and I recently graduated from the BA Graphic Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins. I also attended The Cooper Union in New York City for study abroad. Growing up between The Lake District and Kyoto, I was surrounded by a lot of traditional crafts which became the foundation of my art education. The duality of being mixed race is at the core of how I ideate because a lot of soul searching stemmed from finding visual and cultural links between the UK and Japan.

Painting supplies weren’t accessible to me as a kid, so I expressed myself through pirated digital tools. Being an active member of the Minecraft creative community was why I self-taught After Effects and created motion pieces. This experience inspired my final year project at CSM which focused on appropriation and alegality as a means of making new work (ref. Daisy’s Anatomy). It’s important that digital resources aren’t inaccessible, so that everyone can fairly contribute to the collective culture.

Blender has become a core part of my toolbox and I’m confident using the Adobe Creative Suite (especially After Effects). I’m very independent, resourceful and love solving problems. When searching for design solutions, my brain instinctively works in terms of 2 and 3 dimensional motion. I know that I can find a creative and original approach to bring static concepts alive.

For the whole of 2021, I’ve worked on multiple collaborative projects and found that I thrive in environments where I can bounce off others and push the talented people around me. I’m an extremely reliable team player and I’m looking for a space where I can be as actively involved as possible. I am looking to learn and can guarantee that the commitment I have will translate into exceptional work.