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For the Beabadoobee team.

My name is Sky Kawano and I recently graduated from the Graphic Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins. I’m a half-Japanese/British creative based in London, originally from The Lake District.

There’s a lot of artists who are making NFTs, but they don’t engage with the wider crypto community or know the nuances of the space. I’m one of the youngest people who is involved as a creative within the larger web 3.0 community and so I know that I can help strategise and creative direct with a lot more awareness to what is actually happening within the space.

My focus is motion graphics, mainly 2D, but I’m strong in 3D as well often using it in combination. What I can bring, which isn’t as common within the motion design field is a strong counterculture eye from growing up within those scenes when I was up North and then further perpetuated from studying at CSM and in NYC.

We have yet to see a strong British Asian creative network and currently there’s not enough collaborations between everyone from our community. This feels like a great opportunity to create an NFT that is developed from the ground up from two young British Asians, which up until now are completely underrepresented throughout media. From a technical standpoint we can make something that plays into all the aesthetic sensibilities that Beabadoobee is embodying at the moment whilst also playing into digital native counterculture movements, my proposition being y2k gaming. This is also where I specialise in terms of my artistic practice, references and what I execute best. Currently the NFT space is completely white male dominated and we have full scope to pull from cultural references, pulling from both our backgrounds. The worst move would be to make something derivative of the space. I think we’re all aligned in seeing the potential and cultural significance of Bea releasing an NFT.