Sky Kawano is a 24 year old graphic designer and specialist motion designer based between the UK and Japan. Currently at Pentagram on the Hudson-Powell team. He attended both Central Saint Martins in London and The Cooper Union in New York City.

Select Clients: NBA, Beabadoobee, BRADY™, IAMSOUND, Brain Dead, Dharma, Zora, Central Saint Martins & more.

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Over the last year, I’ve made a move to Web3 and have become an active voice in $FWB (Friends With Benefits) and the larger NFT space (Mirror, Zora, Foundation and Hicetnunc). There’s only a small group of designers with the literacy of crypto and also the vision to see how it can be conceptually and practically related to real-world projects — this is where I’m positioning my work now.


2D Motion Graphics        3D Motion Graphics        Typography

1 Word Prompt Posters    ⊹    NFT Series

A continuation from my ‘Advanced Poster Design’ class at The Cooper Union where we would give ourselves the restriction of the poster format and a one word prompt.

Platform: Zora       Blockchain: Ethereum

Abstract Motion    ⊹    NFT Experiments

Playing around with motion techniques to create 1/1 pieces.

Platform: Foundation       Blockchain: Ethereum